Yoga Student Experiences

Viniyoga Practice Brings Life Changing Results
By incorporating body movement, breath work, mental practices, emotional support, and a deepening of personal belief systems, Viniyoga can facilitate life-changing shifts in body, mind and spirit that spill over into all aspects of an individual’s life. Below are just a few success stories from some of our yoga students.



I was looking for the right yoga style and teacher. Tracy’s Viniyoga class was gentle to my mind, but more importantly, my body felt relaxed, limber and just great. After one class, I was hooked. In the past six years, I’ve taken group and private classes with great results. From not practicing at all, I now practice daily, and my life has been changed in many wonderful ways. Physical ailments (bad knees and back) have disappeared. Tracy helped me with breathing exercises that have allowed me to develop an awareness all meditators strive for. I also took a family member who was experiencing depression to see Tracy. She customized a Viniyoga practice that incorporated traditional and restorative yoga, which resulted in a mental “releasing” of thoughts and emotions. It was therapeutic to body and mind, and in time, the depression subsided. I consider Tracy my spiritual guide and teacher on the path of living in this most difficult world. Viniyoga and Tracy have changed my life for the better.


I have a painful arthritic condition that has stiffened all of my joints, especially my fingers, wrists, back and knees. At my first Viniyoga session, Tracy and I discussed my condition, limitations and needs. I found Tracy to be so caring. She designed a practice specifically for me, that I can do anywhere. She made sure I practiced in proper form and that each pose worked for me. I was thrilled to have a practice tailored to my needs. Tracy provided me with drawings of the poses, instructions on the order, breathing and repetitions. In just three months, my joints have gained strength, flexibility and increased their range of motion. Gaining back my strength and flexibility has given me the ability to perform day-to-day tasks with less pain, greater ease and a confident, secure feeling of control again. Viniyoga has impacted and improved my body, mind and spirit.


At my first Viniyoga class, I thought I had walked into something other than yoga. There was no music, and the flow only consisted of two or three postures—simple and not too intriguing, I thought. However, my judgment was quickly overturned as I realized how much the silence helped me tune in and how much better the new variations felt on my body. I walked out of the class focused and feeling that the subtle movements had been a good workout, and that, somehow, my back was not affected. Since then, I have come to gain much appreciation for this approach to yoga. I feel that in its unpretentious, subtle way, in its attention to proper alignment, it could have the most to offer any student. Tracy’s balanced methods and years of experience complete the picture in a nice way. Just being around her brings new perspective into the ordinary.


I’ve been a student of Viniyoga for several years now. I’ve found it very beneficial for my severe anxiety disorder. Thanks to Viniyoga, I have literally learned to breathe. I now have many calming options including breath techniques and specific postures. My teacher, Laurie, is very clear and calm which helps me learn more easily. Her individualized attention and knowledgeable instruction has enabled me to achieve success in my practice, even though I am one of those people who couldn’t even touch her toes. I will continue Viniyoga throughout my life.