How to Apply for a Scholarship: Eligibility

Four criteria determine eligibility:

  1.  Financial Need
  2.  Applicant’s Current or Planned Activity Relative to AVIF’s Mission
  3.  Letters of Recommendation
  4.  Program Acceptance



1. Financial Need
The following table is used to assess financial need. If Household Income exceeds these levels, an applicant can submit a personal statement explaining special circumstances that will be considered.



• Total Adjusted Gross Income per most recently filed IRS form 1040

(Source for dollar amounts: 2.5 times the 2017 U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines effective January 26, 2017, to be adjusted annually)


2. Applicant’s Current or Planned Activity Relative to AVIF’s Mission
Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who have been or seek to become involved in the practice or teaching of Viniyoga in the context of the following areas:


• Health and fitness
• Therapy and self-care
• Personal growth and transformation
• Social responsibility
• Research to advance yoga as a treatment modality in an integrated system of health care
• Development of quality educational materials for both yoga teacher and yoga therapist training, as well as development of yoga programs for professionals in related fields
• Development of teachers from under-represented populations as well as development of teachers and programs for underserved populations
• Promotion, facilitation and participation in interfaith dialogue
• Participation in collaborative projects, both within and outside of the yoga community


Applicants will include a personal essay giving examples that support their qualifications for a scholarship based on the areas listed above. Selection for scholarship awards will be strongly influenced by an essay that demonstrates an applicant’s commitment to community service.


3. Letters of Recommendation
The applicant will submit two letters of recommendation from a teacher or other person who can give examples that highlight the applicant’s relevant qualities, abilities, or experiences.


4. Program Acceptance
Applicants must provide documentation from their chosen teacher training program that shows they have met eligibility requirements for acceptance into the program.