Scholarship Awards

Type and Amount of Awards
AVIF Scholarship awards yoga certification consist of partial tuition discounts ranging from 10% – 50% of the program tuition. The number of awards made is based on funds available and the qualifications of the applicants.


Use of Awards
Scholarship awards must be used for tuition for Viniyoga training programs as specified by AVIF. Awards may not be used for room, board, travel, or any other expenses.


Payment of Awards
Scholarship awards are paid directly to the organization conducting the training program, upon receipt by said organization of the balance of the student’s tuition payment (adjusted to reflect the amount of award).


For programs with multiple sessions, the total award may be divided by the number of sessions and paid proportionally by session. The continued payment of the scholarship award is contingent upon the student remaining in good standing with the training organization both financially and academically.


Scholarships will be awarded for a specific program and for the designated time period of that program. Awards are not transferable to other programs or other time periods. Applicants are welcome to re-apply for future programs.


Withdrawal of Awards
The student is expected to attend and complete in a timely manner all requirements for the program for which funds are awarded. Reports from program faculty members to the AVIF’s Board of Directors will verify the student’s progress and will be shared with the scholarship recipient. If attendance and completion requirements are not met, AVIF reserves the right to request from the student a full refund of the entire scholarship award within 30 days of withdrawal from the training program.


AVIF may cancel a scholarship award if it determines that the recipient has misrepresented information in the scholarship application or has engaged in conduct during the training program which AVIF determines to be unethical or in conflict with AVIF’s Mission. Should this occur, AVIF reserves the right to request repayment of the scholarship award from the student.


Ambassadorship for AVIF
An important part of AVIF’s mission is to share the personal journeys of successful scholarship recipients so that others might be encouraged. Upon completion of Viniyoga training, we request that participants write a short essay that can be published to inspire future applicants. In addition, we encourage scholarship recipients to serve as AVIF ambassadors by creating their own strategy for giving back in their communities or making donations that will aid future AVIF scholarship recipients.