Viniyoga Traditions

Viniyoga traditions are a deep authentic approach to yoga that encompasses a variety of ancient disciplines. A Viniyoga-trained teacher tailors their knowledge of time-tested therapeutic tools and methods to the unique health challenges, lifestyle, and interests of each client. The therapist takes the client on a personal journey of transformation that opens, frees and elevates the body, mind and spirit. The practice evolves as the individual evolves.


Viniyoga is an intricately interwoven practice that incorporates ancient methods of body movement, breath work, mental practices, emotional release and a deepening of the individual’s personal belief system. This holistic approach can create profound improvements in an individual’s health, mood and outlook.



A Viniyoga-trained therapist treats the whole being, seeking to find and shift the thoughts, obstacles, and actions that inhibit a peaceful mind and the body’s natural healing processes. For clients with specific areas of concern, Viniyoga can reduce suffering, resolve emotional discomfort, and help bring the individual to a more positive perspective.