The American Viniyoga Institute Foundation

The American Viniyoga Institute Foundation, Inc.(AVIF) mission is to help preserve and further the invaluable tradition of Viniyoga by providing scholarships for professional trainings and by educating the public about this powerful tool of transformation.


AVIF seeks to promote the deeper tradition of authentic yoga teachings, which aids in restoring the understanding of yoga as the integrated system it is and altering the perception of yoga as primarily a type of physical exercise or gym class as it tends to be perceived.


Viniyoga education programs offer comprehensive, authentic transmission of the living tradition of Krishnamacharya’s lineage.  Students commit to a rigorous course of study that includes a wide variety of the tools and methods of yoga, guided by and grounded in the underlying philosophy of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.


The term viniyoga implies appropriate, step-wise application of the methods of yoga, under the guidance of a highly trained teacher or therapist, to create a profoundly transformative practice for an individual with respect for their unique needs and goals. Incorporating body movement, breath work, mental practices, guided self-inquiry, emotional support, and a deepening of personal belief systems, such a practice can facilitate life-changing shifts in body and mind that spill over into all aspects of an individual’s life.